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Dynamic Analysis of Foot Bridge to Eurocode

  • 37min
  • English
  • midas Civil
  • Guest Webinar
  • 2014. 12. 03

This course will introduce pertinent structural implications for dynamic pedestrian vibration analysis of footbridges. The course will take you through the basics of dynamic analysis, free vibration analysis, Eurocode specific dynamic load models and performing a serviceability comfort criteria check to Eurocodes.

This webinar is suited for structural engineers who wish to carry out the vibration analysis checks to Eurocodes on footbridges.

Course Contents:

• Basics of Dynamic Analysis
• Workflow for numerical dynamic analysis

Free Vibration analysis of footbridges
• Mass and stiffness consideration
• Vibration mode shapes
• Natural frequency of the structure
• Mass Participation

Eurocode Dynamic Pedestrian Actions
• Walking, Jogging and Crowd conditions
• Application of Eurocode in numerical analysis
• Time varying moving loads on footbridge

Dynamic (Time History) Analysis results
• Acceleration vs time plots
• Peak acceleration limit check to Eurocodes