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Cable Stayed Bridge Analysis midas Civil Webinar

  • 44min
  • English
  • midas Civil
  • Advanced Training
  • 2014. 06. 17

Cable Stayed Bridges are ranked among the most elegant bridge forms today. They are also highly efficient and are able to support immensely large spans over a kilometer long. And although the methods of analyses for such bridges have received a great impetus over the past few decades, they remain among the most complex bridge forms to analyze. The inherent nonlinear nature of cables coupled with the ever increasing need for economy make analysis , design and construction a difficult affair.

This session touches upon the major methods of cable bridge analysis, discusses the unique challenges associated with them and shows how midas Civil can serve to efficiently handle such bridges.

Content Ouline:
1. Modeling and analysis philosophies
2. Initial Pretension Force calculation methods
3. Overview of P-delta and Non-Linear analysis