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Practical Application midas Civil for Versatile Structures

  • 63min
  • English
  • midas Civil
  • Basic Training
  • 2015. 09. 23

midas Civil is general purposed 3D FEM analysis and design software, which is specialized for bridges. However it can also be used for analysis and design of plant structures, web-opening, formwork, supporting post and off-shore structures. 
In this webinar, different type of applications will be presented with modeling method, detail analysis and optimal design as per Eurocode.

Overview of the presentation
• Modeling of versatile structures 
• Detail analysis with FE elements
• Steel optimal design as per Eurocode

Who will benefit from this webinar
• Engineering interested in learning about how to model, analysis and design versatile structures
• Engineers and Academics looking for a total solution for general structure
• Engineers and Academics who wish to understand Eurocode design as per Eurocode3