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Advanced Manual Meshing Techniques used by FE Professionals

  • 80min
  • English
  • midas NFX
  • Advanced Training
  • 2015. 09. 24

Have you ever been stuck because you had to manually create high quality meshes for a complex geometry and you were not sure where to start?

Don’t panic… This happens to most FE engineers, at least once, and after years of experience, FE professionals learn about the “Advanced Manual Meshing Techniques”, which we will teach you during this 1-hour webinar!

Those techniques have nothing very complex, but you just have to know them to realize how much they are powerful, improve mesh quality and save you lots of time.

This is what we will teach during this webinar:
-How to use mid surface to generate equivalent 2D shell meshing for a 3D model
-How to replace slender parts of your 3D model with 1D beams and connect them to the 3D model
-Create perfect patches around a hole
-Create 3D model from 1D / 2D meshes using extruding and revolving functions
-Best way to mesh pipes
-And much more…