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Lateral Load Analysis Considering Soil Structure Interaction

  • 66min
  • English
  • midas Civil
  • Guest Webinar
  • 2015. 02. 18

Purpose of the Webinar

Lateral Load Analysis Considering Soil-Structure Interaction

This webinar will demonstrate the modeling of lateral loads on bridge substructures and how it can be simplified in consideration to the soil-structure interaction being modeled as a finite element model (FEM). Using a FEM for these applications provide results that are more accurate and easier to obtain rather than results that are tediously calculated through conventional iterative procedures with software such as L-Pile. midas Civil user interface makes it simple to take advantage of the modern FEM options that are available to engineers.

The presentation will illustrate the ease of using midas Civil to create structural models for determining the horizontal loads induced upon the substructure by various forces, including the thermal expansion and contraction of the superstructure, directly considering the soil-structure interaction. A case study involving a three span flume will be presented.

Featured Topics

• Fundamentals of finite element modeling

• Substructure Analysis

• Soil-structure Interaction

• Analysis with respect to Thermal Expansion