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Box Culvert & RC Slab Bridges midas SoilworksSlope Stability Using LEM

  • 81min
  • English
  • midas Civil
  • Advanced Training
  • 2015. 02. 12

Box culverts are an ideal solution for drainage culverts with wide flow and low hydraulic head. Common uses include underpasses, service tunnels, subways, outfalls, bridges, stream culverts, material handling, utility storage, chimneys, vertical storage, watertight holding tanks and more. Box culverts are also suitable for difficult site conditions as installation requires minimal excavation and backfill. This free web session is intended to introduce an effective and efficient solution for modelling and analyzing the box culverts using MIDAS Civil.

Slab bridge is probably the most common bridge type. It is mainly used in crossings and over waterways and also as an underpass for walkways. Slab bridge has two fundamental features compared to other bridge types. First its superstructure is substantially wide compared to the height of the slab. Secondly by reason of the former, slab bridges can divide loading to a very broad area. The web session will also include the discussion on how midas Civil incorporates all the present day needs for slab bridges and makes the modelling and analysis very easy and quick. Attending the session you will understand how easily you can obtain the design forces even for slab bridges using Finite Element Analysis software.
Sudden road collapse are often at culvert crossing sites or just before the approach slabs of RC frame/slab bridges due to poorly designed embankment slopes. If the failure is sudden and catastrophic, it can result in injury or loss of life. It also disrupts the road or rail above it. Thus it is necessary to check the safety of embankment slopes and take necessary precautionary measures. This session will also include the discussion and software demonstration on slope stability analysis using the most common analytical approach for analyzing the slope stability; LEM(Limit Equilibrium Method).

1. Easy Finite Element Modelling, Quick Analysis and convenient extraction of accurate design forces for Box Culvert & RC Slab bridges.
2. Analytical approach for slope stability analysis.