RC Pushover Analysis as per EN1998-1:2004

  • Building Engineering
  • midas Gen
  • 2015.03.19

Pushover analysis is one of the performance-based design methods, recently attracting practicing structural engineers engaged in the field of seismic design. The objective of a performance-based design is achieved after the user and the designer collectively select a target performance for the structure in question. The engineer carries out the conventional design and subsequently performs a pushover (elasto-plastic) analysis to evaluate if the selected performance objective has been met.

In midas Gen, pushover analysis as per EN1998:2004 is provided. This tutorial explains the method and procedure for pushover analysis of 2-dimensional RC structural as per EN1998:2004. For this reason, the procedure for modeling and analysis were not explained in detail. For the users who are not familiar with the basic functions for modeling and analysis, it is recommended to review “Application 1” tutorial before following this tutorial.

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