Steel Composite Girder Bridge analysis considering creep and shrinkage in deck

  • Bridge Engineering
  • midas Civil
  • 2012.09.14

When a section is composed of more than two materials, consideration should be given to the composite effect in the structural analysis. In addition, when the composite section includes concrete, be sure to consider creep and drying shrinkage.

The composite bridge, as treated in this tutorial, consists of concrete slab and steel I-shaped girder, which is modeled using   the Composite Section wizard and the Construction Stage method. The result verification process will be identified later

This example examines the procedure of carrying out a construction stage analysis for a PSC (pre -stressed or post-tensioned concrete) box bridge constructed by ILM reflecting the change of structural system.

MIDAS/Civil provides the Composite Section for Construction Stage command for performing the construction stage analysis of a composite section. In this tutorial, the structural analysis method covering both construction stage and composite section will be discussed.

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