RC Design as per EN1992-1-1:2004

  • Building Engineering
  • midas Gen
  • 2015.03.19

This tutorial explains about RC building design process as per Eurocode2. 

Gen provides automatic design for beam, column and shear wall.
Section checking with the given data.
Ultimate limit state and Serviceability limit state design and/or checking.
Default load combinations as per Eurocode 2.
Static wind loads as per Eurocode 1-4: 2005
Static seismic loads and response spectrum function as per Eurocode 8-1: 2004
Capacity design as per Eurocode 8-1 can be applied by checking on “Apply EC8:04 Capacity Design” option in Concrete Design Code dialog box.

Available Section shapes
Column: Rectangle, Circular, Hollow circular
Wall: Rectangle
Beam: Rectangle, T-shape

Torsion should be checked by the user.
For meshed slab and wall design, we can use Meshed Slab/Wall Design function.

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