Web-opening Detail Analysis

  • Bridge Engineering
  • midas Civil
  • 2012.09.14

This tutorial presents the modeling and analysis processes for the reinforcement design of a beam with a circular web opening and explains the procedure for

Verifying results.

The essential contents for the user to experience in the example are the following:

  • Detail modeling using plate elements to study the stress distribution

  • around the vicinity of the opening

  • Method of using Rigid Link for the structural link between the opening detail model and the model of the remaining parts with beam elements

  • Method to extract the analysis results for plate elements

    Following content is covered in the tutorial

    1.   Preferences setting

    2.   Define material and section properties

    3.   Structural Modeling

    4.   Enter Structure Support conditions

    5.   Enter Loading Data

    6.   Perform Structural Analysis

    7.   Interpret Analysis Results

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