Prestressed Box Girder Design (AASHTO-LRFD 12)

  • Bridge Engineering
  • midas Civil
  • 2012.09.13

This tutorial introduced the design procedure for PSC section as follows:
2.Structural Analysis
3.Define design parameters
4.Generate load combination
5.Modify material properties
6.Select location for PSC design
7.Perform PSC section design

There are some limitations of PSC design function in midas Civil.
1. Construction stage analysis should be performed because PSC section needs to be checked during the construction stage and the service state.
2. PSC section design can be performed for the beam elements only. All the elements which are on the X-Y plane are taken as Beam members and those with some inclination to X-Y plane are designated as Column members by midas Civil.
However, these automatically assigned member types to elements can be modified
using Modify Member Type function (Path: Design> Common Parameters>
Modify member Type).
In this tutorial, we first open FSM bridge and add reinforcement. Then we will perform PSC section design for the construction stage and the service state.

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