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midas Gen/Civil Analysis Guide

  • General
  • Intermediate level
  • 2007.12.18
midas Gen and Civil are general purpose finite element analysis software. The significant modeling features based on the various element types, material/section DBs, boundary conditions and load types enable the practicing engineers to undertake virtually all types of structural analyses.

However, some restrictions apply to the features in that some of the features cannot be used simultaneously. For example, Support Settlement Analysis and Heat of Hydration Analysis cannot be performed simultaneously. Also Plane Strain element cannot be applied to Bucking Analysis.

The attached tables show such restrictions: 1. Analysis types, which can be used simultaneously 2. Elements, which can be used, by analysis types 3. Materials and sections, which can be used, by analysis types 4. Boundary conditions, which can be used, by analysis types 5. Load cases, which can be used, by analysis types

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