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midas Design+ FAQ

  • midas Design+
  • Intermediate level
  • 2013.10.17

midas Design+ FAQ


midas Gen Link

How to link with midas Gen?
Member forces are not imported from midas Gen.
How to design a member using the most critical member forces?
Link for Base Plate design does not work.
Design member forces are changed after Design/Checking.
Is Member Assignment definition required for Bolt Connection design?
Why wall design result in Design+ is different from that of midas Gen?
How to modify the default setting of member name?



Section size is not updated after design.
How to specify the maximum height in beams?
How to specify the maximum rebar ratio in columns?
Can I specify frequently used rebar spacing?
Can I specify the desired section DB list for steel design?
Can I perform FEM analysis for base plate?
How to change the default design parameter?


Drawings in Design+

How to change the default frame and legend format in the drawings?
Can I make a note for connected member in the drawings?
Can I make different rebar name for high strength rebar in drawings?


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