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[M.E.E.T] Validation of Nonlinear Time History Analysis for Instrumented Bridges

Time March 14th, 2017 (tue) 8:0 - 9:0 GMT

[M.E.E.T] Validation of Nonlinear Time History Analysis for Instrumented Bridges

Webinar Overview

Long-span bridges in high seismic regions are typically supported on complex pile-foundation systems consisting of vertical and battered piles supporting a pile cap above the mud line. These bridges provide vital transportation links to metropolitan areas, and their closure to traffic in the aftermath of a damaging earthquake can cause debilitating levels of hardship. Recognizing their importance, California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and California Geological Survey (CGS) have instrumented a number of such bridges, and have been collecting their strong motion response measurements over the last decade. The deployed instrument sets usually include downhole sensor arrays, and accelerometers installed on piles, pile-caps, and decks. Understanding the global Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction (SFSI) of long-span bridges is essential to capturing their performance during a major seismic event. In the present study three-dimensional nonlinear finite element model of instrumented bridges including their foundation systems using the Midas Civil computer program are developed. The 3D FEM results are generally in very good agreement with the recorded response of the bridges.