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Non-linear Static Analysis of Historical Construction

Time May 17th, 2016 (tue) 8:0 - 9:0 GMT
Webinar Overview
The webinar will point out the midas GEN capability to simulate the non-linear behavior of historical construction under seismic actions. Three examples will demonstrate the use of non-linear material and non-linear static analysis for masonry structures. The structural models are each a different type of finite element analysis: solids, plates and beams.
“MIDAS expert webinar series” is a new training program that aims to help engineers gain technical insights in applying finite element method in structural design and analysis projects. Every month, we will host a webinar, in which one of our guest expert will share one project and how he overcomes the design and analysis difficulties with MIDAS software in the project. It's a good opportunity for you to gain technical insights in different specialized fields, as well as applying finite element method in structural design and analysis projects.
midas Gen is an integrated solution system for building
and general structures. With its intuitive user interface, contemporary computer graphics and powerful solver, midas Gen enables practicing engineers to readily perform structural analysis and design for conventional and complex structures. midas Gen utilizes a diverse range of specialty finite element analysis functions as well as modern theories of structural analysis to render accurate and practical results. These features contribute to higher and unprecedented standards of convenience, efficiency, versatility and productivity for structural design.