midas Civil
midas Civil
Integrated Solution System for Bridge and Civil Engineering

Combining structural analysis capabilities with civil engineering specific stage analysis, pushover analysis and nonlinear time history features, midas Civil provides the necessary tools for advanced modeling, analysis and design for the bridge engineer. Features include RC, steel, PSC bridge design, suspension and cable-stayed bridge analysis, construction analysis and heat of hydration analysis, just to name a few.

In-Depth Information
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Main Features & Capabilities of midas Civil
Categories Featrues Details
User Interface  Menu / Input System
 File Manipulation
 Graphic Display
Modeling  Structure Wizards
 Material & Section Properties
 Boundary Conditions
Loads   Static Loads
 Dynamic Loads
Analysis  Specialty Bridge Analysis
 Finite Element Library
 Analysis Features
Results  Graphic Results
 Table Results
Design  Design Codes
 Design Features
  Reinforced Concrete Bridge: Slab Br., Frame Br., PSC Beam Br
  Composite Structural Steel Br.: Box/Plate Girder Br., Steel Deck Br
  PSC Box Bridge: FCM, ILM, MSS, FSM, PSM
  Long Span Bridge: Suspension, Cable Stayed & Arch Bridges
  Heat of Hydration for Mass Conc.: PSC Box Br., Abutment, Pier, Breakwater
  Underground Structures: Tunnel, Subway, Municipal service facilities
  Plant Structures: Tank, Pressure vessel, Transmission tower, Power plant
  Public facilities: Airport, Dam, Harbor
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