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midasGTS at the AFTES International Congress, Monaco, Oct 6-8

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  • 2008.08.27
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We are pleased to announce our presence at the
AFTES International Congress,
"Building Underground for the Future",
6-8 October 2008, Monaco, France

MidasGTS, the new generation software for 3D geotechnical and tunnel engineering, will be presented with many new features and show case examples for TBM, NAT and pipe umbrella examples.

All conference attendees and interested are welcome to join us for presentation and discussions at our booth.

For further information please feel free to contact Dr. Olivier Gastebled at +31152763250 and

 MidasGTS  is a Geotechnical and Tunnel analysis System,based on state-of-the-art finite element and graphical technology.
midas GTS enables the engineers to intuitively generate complex geotechnical models. Outstanding geometrical modelling and meshing features are complemented by powerful analysis capabilities and a fast Multi-frontal solver able to handle large 3D models.
midas GTS has been scrutinized by a strict QA/QC system ensuring a high standard of quality. midas GTS defines a new paradigm for tunnel engineering and geotechnical structures.
Linear and Nonlinear Static analyses
Construction Stage Analysis
Steady-State Seepage Analysis
Transient Seepage Analysis
Fully Coupled Stress-Seepage Analysis
Linear Dynamic analyses
01. Unconventional tunnel intersections 
- Complex subsurface strata and terrain modeling.
- Tunnel entrances, T-type/Y-type interconnections, Shaft-lateral-main tunnel connections, 
_ Subway stations...

02. Deep Foundations
- Soil-pile friction captured by elasto-plastic interface behaviour
- Pile group interaction captured by full 3D modelling
- 3D model size optimized for piled raft foundations using dedicated embedded pile elements

03. Excavations, Embankments and Slope stability...
- Ultimate non-linear static analysis based on construction stages.
- Embankment analysis in undrained and drained conditions.
- Minimum safety and failure analysis using c-f reduction method.

04. Groundwater flow and Effective stress analysis
- Steady state and transient seepage for tunnels, dams, slopes...
- Stress-seepage semi-coupled analysis for the analysis of water-front systems, dewatering...

05. Vibration analysis for Earthquake, Blasting...
- Eigenvalue, response spectrum and time history analysis.
- Earthquake history database and seismic wave autogeneration.