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Cable-Stayed Bridge Seminar Proceedings

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  • 2008.05.07
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Cable Stayed Bridge Seminar Proceedings

The UK office of MIDAS-DIANA has organised their annual bridge event in London. This year’s seminar covered the subject of Cable-Stayed Bridges, with speakers from three different continents presenting papers on subjects ranging from the design of the deck and cable-systems to cable tension optimisation using midas Civil to the new Forth Crossing in Scotland.

From the reactions of the more than 120 attendees we can conclude that the seminar was a great success and that there is a definite need to organise these types of events in the UK. We will certainly take this to heart and try to do even better next year.

Robin Sham – Maunsell AECOM

“A very successful seminar. It was good to see a wide spectrum of delegates and the interest they demonstrated.   Both during the seminar and in the after event, we have received many compliments on our work in long span bridge engineering and we trust you would also have received due credit for your contribution.  Thank you for masterminding and running a very successful seminar”

John Macdonald – University of Bristol:

“It was a very interesting and worthwhile event. Your software came across very well too.”

Daniel Zarnay – Alfa04 Slovakia:

Taking part in the seminar was very useful for me too. I’ve already been studying cable stayed bridges for many years, but in presentations like that one I can always learn something new.

Speakers Presentations

Adam Smith - Hyder

  • A Cable-Stayed Suspension System, The Albert Bridge, London, UK 

Dr Angus Low - Arup

  • Common Pitfalls in the Analysis of Cable Stayed Bridges 

Billy Minto - Transport Scotland

  •  The Replacement Forth Crossing

Chris Conroy - Halcrow

  • Final and Construction Stage Cable Force
  • Analysis of Cable-Stayed Bridges 

Dr Gerd-Jan Schreppers - TNO Diana

Dr John MacDonald - Bristol University

  • Cable Vibration Problems on Cable-Stayed Bridges 

Jurriaan Platenburg - TNO Diana

  • Analysis of Cable-Stayed Bridges with midas Civil 

Dr Robin Sham - Maunsell

  • The Engineering Sciences for Ultra-Long Span Cable-Stayed Bridge Construction
  • The Sutong and Stonecutters Experience 

Toader Balan - Michael Baker Jr 

  • Modelling of Cable-Stayed Bridges
  • Veterans Cable-Stayed Bridge, West Virginia, USA
  • Ironton Cable-Stayed, Kentucky, USA