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Cable-Stayed Bridge Seminar- April 10, 2008

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  • 2008.02.22
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Cable-Stayed Bridge Seminar- April 10,2008

Date: 10-Apr-2008

Imperial College, Skempton Building - room 201, London UK

Speakers Presentations

Adam Smith - Hyder
•A Cable-Stayed Suspension System, The Albert Bridge, London, UK

Dr Angus Low - Arup
•Common Pitfalls in the Analysis of Cable Stayed Bridges

Billy Minto - Transport Scotland
• The Replacement Forth Crossing

Chris Conroy - Halcrow
•Final and Construction Stage Cable Force
•Analysis of Cable-Stayed Bridges

Dr Gerd-Jan Schreppers - TNO Diana

Dr John MacDonald - Bristol University
•Cable Vibration Problems on Cable-Stayed Bridges

Jurriaan Platenburg - TNO Diana
•Analysis of Cable-Stayed Bridges with midas Civil

Dr Robin Sham - Maunsell
•The Engineering Sciences for Ultra-Long Span Cable-Stayed Bridge Construction
•The Sutong and Stonecutters Experience

Toader Balan - Michael Baker Jr
•Modelling of Cable-Stayed Bridges
•Veterans Cable-Stayed Bridge, West Virginia, USA
•Ironton Cable-Stayed, Kentucky, USA