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[Webinar] Introduction of midas Civil - complete solution for bridge engineers

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  • 2014.08.11
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Europe Special Session - Aug 19, 8:00 AM GMT
Introduction of midas Civil-
Complete solution for bridge engineers
This past decade has seen a great shift in bridge design practices around the world . Design codes and practices are now more focused than ever on economy and accuracy, and are continually adopting complex considerations . As such the use of efficient software programs has become extremely important . Furthermore , these programs should not only bequick and easy to use but must also be reliable , field tested and capable of conducting a variety of analyses – preferably in a single package .
This short webinar will introduce the basic features of midas Civil – a 3D finite element based bridge engineering software and provide an insight into how it can be useful in bridge engineering projects. At the end there will be a short Q&A session as well. 

1. Quick and Easy Modeling Processes in midas Civil ( demonstration of PSC box girder and steel I girder bridge modeling )
2. Advanced Analysis capabilities ( Linear and Nonlinear with Static Dynamic Analysis capabilities)
3. Design and Report Capabilities for Concrete and Steel Bridges ( American and European codes )

1. Engineers looking for a total bridge solution .
2. Researchers looking for a finite element package for advanced analyses of Bridge Projects
3. Students looking to expand their knowledge about finite element methods and software procedures.
Aug 19, 2014 (Tuesday)
 8:00 - 9:00 am GMT 
(Please check local time on the registration page)
Midas Civil is a one stop solution for Bridge Engineers . With its intuitive modeling interface , advanced analysis and design capabilities , support for major design codes and efficient workflow process , this program is among the most beneficial for bridge engineers the world over and has been used in many famous projects such as the Russky Island , Sutong and Stonecutters Bridges ( the 3 Longest Cable Stayed Bridges in the world )

Seats are limited. Please reserve your seat in advance.For question and more information.