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Enhancements in Civil 2015 (v2.1)

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  • 2015.03.03
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Civil 2015 (v2.1) is released now. The following features have been newly implemented.


Analysis & Design

(1) Supporting 64bit Solver, Pre/Post-Processing & GPU solver
(2) 7 DOF Beam Elements considering Warping Constant
(3) Implementation of Traffic Lane Optimization Option
(4) Diagram & table results of resultant forces for Local Direction Force Sum
(5) LM1 & LM3 concurrent forces for Eurocode moving load analysis
(6) India special vehicles for India moving load analysis
(7) Stiffness Scale Factor for Plate Element
(8) Performing Pushover Analysis only for Selected Pushover Load Cases
(9) Assigning Inelastic Hinge Properties to Wall Elements


Pre & Post-Processing

(1)  Steel Composite Girder Bridge wizard
(2) Improvement of Wood-Armer moment calculation
(3) Changing Plate Local Axis
(4) Node Local Axis with respect to Reference Line
(5) Implementation of U.S. DOT Rating Vehicle Load for Load Rating Assessment
(6) Implementation of PSC DB Sections for Each U.S. DOT
(7) Auto Generation improvements on Tendon Template Wizard
(8) Addition of Steel Girder Section with Stiffener
(9) Revit 2015 Interface
(10) Tekla Structure v20 Interface
(11) Assigning Floor Loads to the Area including Shear Walls generated with Plate Elements

(12) Improvements on Composite Section Properties


For details, please refer to the attached Civil 2015 (v2.1) Release Note.