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Enhancements in Gen 2014 (v2.1)

  • Date Posted
  • 2014.06.16
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Gen 2014 (v2.1) is released now. The following features have been newly implemented.

Analysis & Design

(1) Addition of Singapore National Annex in Eurocode

(2) User-defined Shear Length in Pushover Analysis as per EN1998-3:2004

(3) Improvements on Eurocode Load Combination

(4) Improvements on Punching Shear Checking as per EN1992-1-1:2004

(5) Same Beam Rebar at Joints

(6) Cracked Section Stress in GSD

(7) Damping Constant in Surface Spring Support

Pre & Post-Processing

(1) Improvements on Revit 2014 Interface

(2) Addition of Group Column in Elastic Link Result Table

(3) Unit Option for Tables and Graphs in Dynamic Report


For details, please refer to the attached Gen 2014 (v2.1) Release Note.