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Webinar Jun 17: Forced and natural convection in CFD analysis

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  • 2014.06.13
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midas NFX
Forced and natural convection are 2 important types of analysis for analyzing temperature change coupled with fluid behavior. They are frequently encountered in electronic device design (ex: LED), when there is a need to investigate the air cooling performance and its influence on the external environment.

In this practice focused session, we will demonstrate step-by-step  how to perform such analyses through a practical case of electronic cooling investigation.

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Simulate Forced and Natural Convection

- a practical example with PCB cooling
Date: June 17, 2014 (Tuesday)
Time: 10:00 ~ 11:00 am GMT 
(London 10:00am; Paris/Rome/Warsaw/Pretoria 11:00 am; Bucharest/Istanbul 12:00 am ; Mumbai 2:30pm; Bankok/Jakarta 4:00pm, Kuala lumpur 5:00pm)

Webinar Subjects:
1. Heat - flow coupled analysis
2. Natural and forced convection in CFD
3. CFD Model preparation
4. Workflow and analysis definition
5. Q & A
Interested but too busy to attend? 

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Cyprien Rusu, NFX International Support
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