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[CFD Webinar]Simulate external flow around a model with NFX CFD

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  • 2014.05.23
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midas NFX
Hello Friend,

External flow around a model is important to understand the dynamic characteristics of the product you design (Car, Airplane,...), to understand its cooling characteristics (PC Board, Heat Sinc...) or even to understand if it will sustain a certain wind of water pressure (solar panels, building,...).

This webinar covers all the knowledge about CFD that you need to analyze such flow around your model and will teach you how to prepare it simply to get the results you need !

The session is completely free of charge, so register now and cool down your design!

Join the Free Webinar
Simulate external flow around a model with NFX CFD
Date: May 27, 2014 (Tuesday)
Time: 10:00 ~ 11:00 am GMT 
(London 10:00am; Paris/Rome/Warsaw/Pretoria 11:00 am; Bucharest/Istanbul 12:00 am ; Mumbai 2:30pm; Bankok/Jakarta 4:00pm, Kuala lumpur 5:00pm)

Training Subjects:
   1. Computational fluid dynamics in midas NFX 
   2. Model preparation for CFD
   3. Workflow and Analysis Definition
   4. Q&A

Interested but too busy to attend? 
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Cyprien Rusu, NFX International Support
MIDAS Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Website: www.midasNFX.com