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[Sponsored Course] Earthquake engineering for nuclear facilities - Pavia, 12-23 May, 2014

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  • 2014.05.15
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Short Course on

Pavia, 12-23 May, 2014

(Sponsored by MIDAS partner CSPFea, midas Gen will be used for workshop practice)

The course will make the attendees familiar with the basis of earthquake engineering that is applicable to any type of building or facility and also to these specific facets of earthquake engineering that are dealing with nuclear and other dangerous facilities.
A common scientific background, including fundamental concepts, which is common to the assessment of conventional structures, such as buildings, or even, to a certain extent, special structures such as bridges will be provided. This will include, for example, seismic input motion characterization, structural modal analysis and linear response computation, nonlinear behaviour, reasonable modelling of soil and concrete structures or nonlinear behaviour under cyclic loads. Reference to recent episodes, such as the Fukushima accident, will be made, highlighting how nuclear operators are required to analyse the effects of "extreme" events.
In addition, specific issues that rise when dealing with nuclear facilities will be covered, namely: The safety of a nuclear facility, response of systems and important role of structural components, such as
bearing devices, mechanical components (primary loop and other piping systems, tanks, cranes, etc.) or even electrical and I&C ones.
Geotechnical engineering issues, such as soil-structure interaction effects, which greatly affect this sort of large-sized and high mass structures. Consistency between the soil profile and the seismic input motion, as well as proper description of the latter will also be addressed.
Accepted probability of failure and corresponding design requirements, more severe than those of the conventional industry facilities. Seismic probabilistic risk assessment techniques, based on fragility curves, used to estimate the annual probability of seismically induced core damage

In addition to UME School students, a maximum of 20 external participants may be accepted to the course, under the payment of a €500 fee. Special financial conditions are, however, in place for university researchers or students, to whom a fee of not more than €300 is requested. Those wishing to attend the course should contact the UME School Secretariat.

UME School Secretariat
c/o EUCENTRE Foundation - Via Adolfo Ferrata, 1 - 27100 Pavia, Italy
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