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NFX Webinar: Heat Transfer and Thermal Stress Simulation in Structural Analysis

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  • 2014.04.02
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midas NFX

Hello Friend,

If your job involves Heat Transfer and Thermal Stress then this webinar session is for you !

This webinar will cover different types of heat transfer and how to simulate it in FEA Analysis. Moreover, the webinar will talk about the calculation of thermal deformation and stresses due to temperature (Structural/Thermal Multiphysics).

The session is free of charge, register now to join the world of thermal analysis!

Join the Free Webinar
Heat Transfer and Thermal Stress Simulation
Date: April 8, 2014 (Tuesday)
Time:9:00 ~ 10:00 am GMT 
(London 9:00am; Paris/Rome/Warsaw 10:00 am; Pretoria/Bucharest/Istanbul 11:00 am ; Mumbai 2:30pm; Bankok/Jakarta 4:00pm, Kuala lumpur 5:00pm)
Training Subjects:
Heat transfer methods and associated basic knowledge, especially:
- Conduction heat transfer
- Convection Heat transfer
- Radiation heat transfer
- Stress deformation caused by temperature
- Concrete examples of Heat transfer analysis with midas NFX

Interested but too busy to attend? 

Cyprien Rusu, NFX International Support
MIDAS Information Technology Co., Ltd.