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[NFX Webinar] Material Nonlinearity in Quasi-Static Analysis

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  • 2014.03.21
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midas NFX

In today's challenging and complex mechanical environment, FEA engineers requires to use advanced nonlinear material models to simulate the real behaviors of the mechanisms or assemblies. 
This webinar will cover topics of nonlinear analysis, material non-linearity and especially practical usage of nonlinear material models to solve large deformation problems.

The session is free of charge, register now to join the world of nonlinearity!

Join the Free Webinar
Handle Material Nonlinearity in Quasi-Static Analysis
Date:March. 25, 2014 (Tuesday)
Time:9:00 ~ 10:00 am GMT 
(London 9:00am; Paris/Rome/Warsaw 10:00 am; Pretoria/Bucharest/Istanbul 11:00 am ; Mumbai 2:30pm; Bankok/Jakarta 4:00pm, Kuala lumpur 5:00pm)

Training Subjects:
- Introduction to static and quasi-static analyses
- Introduction to nonlinear materials
- Engineering and true stress-strain curve
- Plasticity models
- 2 practical examples using nonlinear implicit and explicit codes.

Interested but too busy to attend? 

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Cyprien Rusu, NFX International Support
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