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Online Seminar for RC Building Design as per EC2 (27 March 2014)

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  • 2014.03.18
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Thursday, March 27th, 2014 10AM (SGT)

With ever expanding knowledge of material and structural behavior comes higher demand from design codes in terms of efficiency and economy of structural designs. Additionally, the amount of considerations to be made to satisfy these requirements and to achieve the necessary level of detail and precision become increasingly numerous. Moreover, in today’s business attuned environment, time is one of the most valuable assets. To cater to this demand we need a powerful tool which addresses all of the above issues. midas Gen is a one-stop solution for structural engineers which helps them in every aspect of their work. Focused on buildings and general structures the software integrates both analysis and design. The interface has been optimized for quick modeling and assessment of buildings. midas Gen provides design capabilities using various design standards reflecting conventional as well as unusual design conditions, leading to optimal design. The program has been in use for 20 years by engineers the world over and applied to numerous projects successfully. It is known to provide convenience, efficiency, versatility and productivity. This presentation will focus on structural modeling and design as per the Eurocode specifications for RC building and seismic design. It will cover both frame as well as slab design. Additionally, the BIM capable interface of the program, with Revit Structures, will be demonstrated.

1. Quick and flexible modeling tools of midas Gen
Comprehensive design features of midas Gen as per Eurocodes
Capacity Design as per EC8
Slab design and checking as per EC2

5. BIM capabilities of midas Gen

1. Structural Engineers designing RC Building as per Eurocodes
Engineers interested in BIM

3. Engineers looking for a single total solution for concrete structure Analysis as well as design


Seats are limited, so please reserve your seat in advance.
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