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PSC Box Girder Bridge Design as per EC2 (13 March 2014)

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  • 2014.03.04
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Thursday, 13 March 2014,  10AM (SGT)


Among the various types of bridges designed today, Prestressed Concrete Bridges are undoubtedly the most popular. These bridges present a unique set of challenges and opportunities for any engineer undertaking projects that involve this class of bridges. Box girders, for example, allow for thinner deck sections thereby lowering costs while maintaining structural stability. However, analysis is made complicated by the presence of curved tendons and the need for accurate measurement of tendon losses. Furthermore, time dependent effects like creep, have to be carefully considered to account for erection problems at the site during construction. This session will involve discussions and demonstrations regarding the considerations required for modeling, analysis and design of PSC Box Girder bridges as per Eurocode provisions in midas Civil.


1. To understand PSC Box Girder Bridge modeling, analysis and design philosophy
2. To know the challenges posed when undertaking such bridge projects
3. To understand the importance of Construction stage analysis for these bridges


1. Academia and Engineers wishing to learn about bridge project handling
Engineers who wish to understand software based design procedures

3. Engineering managers responsible for overseeing bridge projects



2014 MIDAS Online Technical Seminar






Session #1

Steel I-Girder Bridge Design

Feb. 25, 2014 (Tue)


Session #2

PSC Box Girder Bridge Design as per EC2

Mar. 13, 2014 (Thu)


Session #3

Seismic Analysis

Apr. 17, 2014 (Thu)

Session #4

Soil Structure interaction with Integral Bridges

May 15, 2014 (Thu)

Session #5

Cable Stayed Bridge Analysis

Jun. 12, 2014 (Thu)




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