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[Switzerland] MIDAS Successfully held International Seminar in Switzerland

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  • 2013.11.15
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Great Success of MIDAS 11th International Seminar in 2013:
"High-End Software Solution for Civil Engineers" 14th Nov. 2013, Olten, Switzerland
Thanks for your presence and support

We would like to extend our gratitude to all the experts and professionals who attended the seminar. The event gave us a great opportunity to come close to professionals from both engineering firms and academies. We thank you for the mutual sharing of knowledge, experience and information on latest technologies in the fields of civil and geotechnical engineering. We hope that this seminar has helped us gain your trust in the capabilities of MIDAS Software Solutions .

Event Best Moments
Mr. Yang giving a speech on midas GTS and tunnel application
Mr. Jarno giving a speech on midas Civil and PSC box girder bridge application
Mr. Rusu giving a speech and MIDAS IT and Geotechnical product midas GTS
Engineers listening to the seminar speeches.
Engineers listening to the seminar speeches.
Mr. Walker and Mr. Naef from IngWare (MIDAS partner) talking with engineers.
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