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[Singapore] Technical Online Seminar for Singaporean Buliding Engineers

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  • 2013.09.06
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Technical Online Seminar for Singaporean Building Engineers - Eurocode Design & High-rise Building Analysis
Topic Schedule(SGT)
Eurocode Design Guide using midas Gen 4pm 1st, Oct (Tue)
4pm 4th, Oct (Fri)
Column Shortening Analysis for High-rise building 4pm 15th, Oct (Tue)
4pm 18th, Oct (Fri)
Seismic Analysis & Design as per Eurocode 8 4pm 29th, Oct (Tue)
4pm 1st, Nov (Fri)
midas Gen?
"midas Gen is a worldwide integrated Design and Analysis Solution for building and general structures."
Application Area All types of buildings(RC, Steel, Composite), plant structures, stadiums, airport and underground structures.
Design Capabilities Eurocode, ASTM, BS, KS, JIS, GB, CNS, IS, MISC
Special Features Construction Stage Analysis, Seismic Analysis, Boundary Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis, MISC
What You will learn?
- Practical design guide and project application as per Eurocode
- Case study of High-rise structures by using Column Shortening Analysis and Construction Stage Analysis
- Project application on the Seismic Performance Evaluation and Seismic Design and Analysis as per Eurocode
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