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[UAE] 2013 Symposium for Buildings, Bridges and Geotechnical Engineering

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  • 2013.03.11
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2013 Symposium for Buildings, Bridges, and Geotechnical Engineering
The recent years have seen tremendous advances in Structural and Geotechnical Engineering disciplines, especially in the Middle East. Structures such as the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Metro and the soon to be constructed Kingdom Tower (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) have pushed the envelope like never before. As such, it becomes imperative for practicing engineers and academia to be up to speed with all the latest developments in the engineering fields.
This annual symposium will focus on new advances in Bridge, Building and Geotechnical Engineering principles and practices. The three day symposium will cover such topics as Hybrid Bridges, Rail Track Analysis, High Rise Structures, 3D Pile Raft Foundations and much more. Also to look out for will be lectures and case studies from eminent professors and professionals.
Attendees will be introduced to the latest advances in Tall Building, Hybrid Bridges, Rail track and Pile raft foundation analysis and design. They will also be exposed to the latest practices in engineering and design through several case studies. The workshop will be geared towards pragmatic approach of analyzing and designing using MIDAS programs.
Part 1 Symposium Day 1 “Technical Symposium for Buildings, Bridge and Geotechnical”
Date Wednesday 3rd April 2013. Program  Register
Time 09:00 AM – 6:00 PM.
Venue American University of Sharjah.
Cost Free (Working lunch to be served)
Seismic analysis and design of steel shear wall systems
Presenter: Prof. Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl, University of California at Berkeley
Professor Astaneh-Asl has over 30 years of experience in teaching and research. His major research interests at University of California at Berkeley include earthquake resistant design, hurricane and blast protection of structural systems among others. He has been the principal investigator in the World Trade Center Field Investigation and Collection of Perishable Data.
Hybrid Simulation of RC Box-Girder Bridges
Presenter: Prof. Khalid M. Mosalam, University of California at Berkeley
Professor Mosalam has over 15 years of teaching and research experience at the Univ. of California Berkeley where he is currently Vice Chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. His primary research activities focus on modeling structural response of reinforced concrete (RC), masonry, and wood structural systems subjected to severe loading conditions from earthquakes, blasts or wind gusts.

Soil-Foundation-Superstructure Interaction for the Tallest Tower in the World: The Kingdom Tower
Presenters: Dr. Khaldoun Fahoum and Dr. Konstantinos Syngros
Langan Engineering and Environmental Services Ltd.

Dr Khaldoun Fahoum is Vice President and the Middle East Regional Manager for Langan Engineering . He also serves as the Deep Foundation Institute (DFI) Chair for the Middle East and North Africa.  

Dr. Konstantinos Syngros is a Project Manager at Langan Engineering in the New York office with more than 10 years of experience in the area  of geotechnical and earthquake engineering.
Building Session (Simultaneous Sessions)
Nonlinear FE Analysis of FRP-Strengthened RC T-beams under Cyclic Loading ... Dr. Rami Haweeleh
Vertical Shortening and Health Monitoring of Lotte World TowerCase Study ... Mr.Ravi Kiran
Strengthening Reinforced Concrete Slabs using CFRP … Dr. Ashraf Biddah
Bridge Session (Simultaneous Sessions)
Live Load Distribution in Bridges Subjected to Wide Trucks ... Dr. Sami Tabsh
Rail structure interaction analysis for Hyderabad Metro Project ... Mr. Inki Choi
Railway Bridge and Composite Girder Bridge Analysis ... Mrs. HY Lee
Geotechnical Session (Simultaneous Sessions)
Design and Application of Mechanically Stabilized Soil for Embankments, Highways, Retaining walls, and Foundations ... Dr. Magdi El-Emam
Soil-Foundation-Superstructure Interaction for Combined Piled-Raft Foundations. ... Mr. JaeSeok Yang
Geotechnical challenges in the D-runway (4th runway) Project of Tokyo Haneda Airport
... Dr. Yoichi Watabe
Part 2 Symposium Day 2 & 3 “1 Day Workshop for advanced Finite Element analysis & Design”
Date 4th & 6th April 2013. Program
Time 09:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Venue American University of Sharjah (Simultaneous Sessions)
Cost 600 AED per workshop
(Includes working lunch and 3 months Midas Free Trial version)
Building Engineering Session*
*same course will be repeated for each day
Workshop for High-rise Building analysis and design using midas Gen... Mr.Ravi Kiran
4th & 6th April
Bridge Engineering Session*
*same course will be repeated for each day
Workshop for Composite Girder Bridge, Cable Stayed and Rail-Track Analysis... Mrs.HY Lee
4th & 6th April
Geotechnical Engineering Session*
*same course will be repeated for each day
Workshop for Soil-Foundation-SuperStructure Interaction for Combined Pile Raft Foundations... Mr.Jaeseok Yang
April 4th
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