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Alexandre Plaza Castel

Geotechnical engineer, Grupo TYPSA, Spain

Specialized in geotechnics, tunnel design and numerical modeling

Alexandre Plaza is a specialist in geotechnics, tunnel design and numerical modelling.

He dedicated the first years of his career to hydraulic engineering, particularly to water planning and flood modelling, before moving into the geotechnical side of civil works projects.

Mr. Plaza has taken part in many large infrastructure design projects such as road, rail, metro lines, dams & hydroelectric power plants. He has also provided technical assistance for ongoing works, as well as for important international tenders.

The scope of his geotechnical background includes tunnel design (NATM & TBM), dam design (earth-fill & concrete), groundwater studies, slope stability and special foundations.

With a sound theoretical basis of soil & rock mechanics, his speciality is numerical modelling applied to geotechnical engineering. In this area Mr. Plaza has acquired wide experience in the use of MIDAS-GTS, an advanced 3D finite element software.

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